[USRP-users] How to sync to external ref. AND use the MIMO cable

Thomas Hobiger thomas.hobiger at chalmers.se
Wed Oct 1 04:44:12 EDT 2014

Hi list,

I am using two N210s (each with a DBSRX2) which are connected via a MIMO 
The master N210 is fed also with an external 10MHz.
I am using the c++ code below, but I see so many spurious signals
around my center freq. (1.6 GHz) which makes me think that the receiver 
does not lock
to the external reference.

usrp->set_clock_source("external", 0);
usrp->set_clock_source("mimo", 1);
usrp->set_time_source("mimo", 1);

Am I missing something in my code or is there any other command which I 
need to issue
in order to make my application work with an external ref AND the MIMO 


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