[USRP-users] RFNoC GNU Radio Build

Eddie Carle eddie at isatec.ca
Mon Dec 29 18:58:45 EST 2014

I've been following through the RFNoC: Getting Started guide in
preparation for our X300 that will be arriving shortly and I've been
having trouble reproducing the companion results shown in the demo done
at GRCon14. I've built and installed uhd from the rfnoc-devel branch and
done the same with gnu radio but when I load the example GRC files the
blocks that would be inside the FPGA do not show up on the flow graph.
I've noticed that upon loading GRC I see an error message in the console
that states:

        XML parser: Found 1 erroneous XML file while loading the block tree (see "Help/Parser errors" for details)

Upon inspection of the "Help/Parser Errors" I see a non-selectable
collection of XML parsing errors complaining that the source and sink
are missing vlen, domain nports, optional, and hide. Ultimately in the
sidebar there is then no rfnoc section to be seen and as I said, the
example files do not show the rfnoc blocks at all. I see no error
messages when loading the example files.

I've also tried, just for fun, running

        GRC_BLOCKS_PATH="/usr/local/share/uhd/rfnoc/blocks" gnuradio-companion

but that gives a whole mishmash of different parsing errors. I'm
assuming that is not something one is supposed to do?

Any suggestions?
	Eddie Carle
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