[USRP-users] about phase alignment btw Tx and Rx

天杨 闵 mty513 at msn.com
Fri Dec 26 01:37:56 EST 2014

Hello everyone:
This is Min.I am using USRPN210 to make a channel sounder right now, the daughterboard which I am using is SBX. 
A synchronization of frequency and timing is successful at this moment.However, the problem that I am facing is phase alignment btw Tx and Rx.I already set the Tx and Rx to start at a specific time by using timed command (set_start_time (uhd.time_spec()).I think the cordics in each device should be aligned with respect to each other. but there still existed phase offset after each execution.if this phase offset doesn't change (stable), then I can tune the phase of received signal to align it with Tx. the problem is the phase offset is changing after each execution.I run execution for 15 times, the maximum phase offset is around 10 degrees.what should I do to solve this problem?could you please give me some help
thanks in advance 
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