[USRP-users] Anybody using gr-osmosdr source or gqrx with UHD 3.8.1?

Louis Brown rfengr00 at me.com
Fri Dec 19 21:41:16 EST 2014

Argh......I'm pulling my hair out trying to get the device string to work with gr-osmosdr source or gqrx.  My B200 works fine with device string of:

Although if I try (and I know this used to work):
type=b200, uhd

It bombs out with:
RuntimeError: Wrong device arguments specified. Missing nchan?

Of course adding nchan=1 does not work.

For the X310 I must specify the address and subdev, which is usually:
'addr=', subdev=B:A, uhd

I rebuilt uhd, gnuradio, and gr-osmosdr tonight from github and something seems to have changed, or else I'm doing something stupid; probably the latter.  It's been working fine for the last year, and I never bothered to write down the device string that made everything work.


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