[USRP-users] Xilinx ISE Preprocessor Statements

Jeremy Hershberger Jeremy.L.Hershberger.16 at nd.edu
Thu Dec 18 14:05:53 EST 2014

When using the B210 makefile with the "PROJECT_ONLY=1" option, the
generated Xilinx ISE Project fails to instantiate radio1.

If I examine b200_core.v, I notice that there is an "ifdef B200_CAN_HAZ_R1"
statement which is supposed to allow instantiation of radio1 but fails to
do so.  The B210 makefile passes B200_CAN_HAZ_R1=1 into project creation,
but yet radio1 remains uninstantiated.

Are preprocessor statements, like ifdef, recognized by ISE?  Is there some
way to hard-code variables from the makefile into my ISE project, or am I
forced to search through all of the verilog files deleting the ifdef

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