[USRP-users] [UHD 3.8.1] Release Announcement

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Tue Dec 16 06:59:34 EST 2014


we've just tagged and released our first bugfix release for the 3.8 UHD
series. This release also brings changes to the FPGA code and thus we've
bumped the compat number for X- and E3-Series devices' FPGA images. We
encourage everyone to update, in particular X-Series users because we
fixed some critical data integrity issues for those devices.

You can get this release by either pulling maint branch, or checking
out the release's tag:

Binary installers will be available through our usual channels soon.


## 003.008.001 Changelog:
* B2x0: Fixed PLL settings, Fixed external ref selection, serialized
  streamer setup (thread-safety)
* X3x0: Fixed flow control issue, improved DAC ctrl + init logic,
  Fixed I/Q alignment issue
* Generation-3 devices: Fixed LED registers
* UHD: Improved tuning logic for manual tunes
* Tools: Multiple kitchen sink fixes, coloured output
* Examples: Multiple bugfixes (multi-channel ops)
* Docs/Manual: Multiple fixes, E310 panel images

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