[USRP-users] USRP X310 alternate PCIe host card

Timothy Schaffer reffahcs at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 14:13:39 EST 2014

I was wondering if anyone has attempted to use the X310 with a different
PCIe/MXI host card than the one sold by NI?

I'm currently using the 10gbe interface which is fine in regards to speed,
but wasn't aware that Labview integration (reprogram FPGA) was only
available over the PCIe interface (although to be honest the writing was on
the wall, I just didn't read it).

>From what I've been able to read so far, it appears that the drivers for
the PCIe interface are actually for the X3XX and not necessarily the actual
NI PCIe interface card. It also seems like this card is essentially
transparent to the operating system. Having never used PCIe expanders
before I'm just guessing here, wondering if anyone out there has any
experience with this?

Specifically I was hoping that I could get by with
http://www.maxexpansion.com/adapters/pcie-x4 which is roughly $500 cheaper
than the NI route. This has the advantage of saving me enough money to
purchase 2 x LFTX and 2 x LFRX daughterboards :)

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