[USRP-users] Is it possible to add DC offset to signal after upconversion?

Seokseong Jeon songsong at monet.postech.ac.kr
Tue Dec 9 01:25:43 EST 2014

I'd like make an upconverted signal that doesn't have any negative value in
time domain.

Mathematically it is simple:upconvert a signal with local oscillator, and
add DC bias.

In practive, however, I'm wondering it is possible to implement only with
generic USRPs, daughterboards and GNU Radio.
I mean, does USRP sink block has an option like DC offset? Or any

If not, should I make and attach a circuit  like something in fig 6.6.4 this
page <http://www.learnabout-electronics.org/Amplifiers/amplifiers66.php>
after daughterboard output?

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