[USRP-users] about sample timing synchronization(Min)

天杨 闵 mty513 at msn.com
Sat Dec 6 00:33:53 EST 2014

Hi Marcus Mueller:
Thank you very much for your answer ing my questions. 
I succeeded in saving data into the ramdisk in PC.
I still have one question to ask you which troubled me for a long time.
The question is that how can align the timing of the sample between transmitter and receiver ?
I used to use pps signal in the UHD block in GRC, but I found the sample timing at the Rx wasn't alinged well with the sample timing at the Tx.2. in order to use PPS signal, is it necessary to set the the length of transmit signal as 1s. like, in case that the sample rate is 25M, should I set the length of transmit signal  packet as 25MS too ?3. Is it possible to align the smaple timing by scynchronize the clock inside FPGA between Tx and Rx?
if it is possible, how can do that?
Thanks in advanceBest RegardsMin 		 	   		  
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