[USRP-users] Using an X310 as an NI RIO

Jeremy Hershberger Jeremy.L.Hershberger.16 at nd.edu
Thu Dec 4 12:09:08 EST 2014

What changes are required to use an X310 over PCI in LabView as an NI RIO?

I have tried overwriting the X310's image with the NI RIO's image from the
LabView FPGA tool but when running a LabView VI that works on the RIO,
LabView throws an error that the daughtercards are not recognized.

I have also tried removing the daughtercards from a RIO and installing them
into the X310 but LabView still says the daughtercards are not recognized.

It is easy to turn an NI RIO into an X310 by overwriting the RIO's image
with the standard X310 image, but why is the other direction more difficult?

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