[USRP-users] about saving signal into RAMdisk (Min)

天杨 闵 mty513 at msn.com
Thu Dec 4 08:16:15 EST 2014

Hi Marcus Mueller:
Thanks for your answering my questions.
In your suggestion, you mentioned that saving samples to disk is the bottleneck when receiving data fromthe USRP. And You Suggested me to save samples to a ramdisk.
here I have three questions :1. Do you mean that save the signal into PC's RAM or    Save the signal into FPGA's RAM?
2. if save to PC's RAM, how can I do that ?   I used to save received signal into disk using file sink block in GRC   for the case of saving into the RAM, what should I do ?
3. if save to FPGA's RAM, how can I access to the signal later on?    also, Is it necessary to add a new RAM into the FPGA, or just use     the existed RAM inside FPGA?
Thanks in advance 
Best Regards 		 	   		  
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