[USRP-users] GPSDO not found

Dan Sego bubbadoradar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 21:37:31 EST 2014

Hello all,

I've just installed a GPSDO in an N200r4. I've verified all connections,
changes were made as per the instructions (jumper J510 to 2-3, verified
with pin connected to D503 open). All other cable connections were keyed,
making the installation straight forward. Performed on an anti-static pad
with wrist ground in use.

After power up I ran uhd_usrp_probe. The GPSDO was not found; both
"Detecting internal GPSDO - not found" and  under Mboard N200r4: gpsdo -

Suggestions to troubleshoot, please?

Dan Sego
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