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Marcus D. Leech mleech at ripnet.com
Mon Dec 1 19:10:55 EST 2014

On 12/01/2014 06:55 PM, Selcuk Mazlum via USRP-users wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I just got a x300 and everything seems to be configured fine. I have a 
> couple questions and if someone could answer I appreciate it greatly. 
> I am new and have been reading the manuals bit could not clarify some 
> things.
> 1. Can the channels be tuned to different frequency? If so, how do you 
> specify the channel? Is it set_rx_subdev_spec?
> 2. When you receive samples from both channels on the same 10 GigE are 
> the samples interleaved or do I need to create two separate streams?
> Brian
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I would suggest that you look at the rx_multi_samples example for 
example code for setting up multi-channel streams.

You haven't said what your daughterboard setup is, so assuming a [WSC]BX 
daughtercard in each slot of the X300, then, yes, they can be tuned
   entirely separately.

I'd suggest spending some time here:






and here:


Marcus Leech
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