[USRP-users] RF sensor time stamp synchronization across long distances

Urban Hakansson uhakansson at tecore.com
Mon Dec 1 17:29:05 EST 2014

Hi everybody, 

I am considering an application with multiple USRPs in an RF sensor network, the sensors being located on the order of at least 100 feet apart. 

I am thinking of a way of ensuring that at least the UHD packet time stamps sent by each RF sensor over Ethernet to a central server for processing are synchronized to each other. 

Would it be possible to just feed each USRP with a 1 PPS signal, or do I need to feed the USRPs both the 10MHz and the 1 PPS reference signals as a pair. Everything I have read indicates they are both needed, but I just want to make sure. 

Could I use the Octoclock G and run +100 feet of coax to multiple URSP (RF sensors)? In other words how much attenuation could the 10MHz and the 1 PPS reference signals suffer due to path-loss through extremely long runs of cable before becoming unusable? 

Is there another and better way of synchronizing the UHD packet time-stamps between RF sensors located far apart (one the order of 100 feet or more)? 

Thanks for you consideration. 


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