[USRP-users] Call to UHD work but crash

Thomas CHARPENTIER thomas8charpentier at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 09:15:16 EDT 2013

Hi !

OS: Windows 7
Compiler: msvc 2010
UHD Version: Latest Stable Build (3.5.3) found on the website.

Tools provided with the package work fine (uhd_find_devices.exe detects all
my devices).

I built uhd_find_devices.cpp with the following command :

cl /EHsc uhd_find_devices.cpp
/I C:\uhd\include
/I C:\boost\include

Neither errors nor warnings are reported during the compilation.

However, when I run my new uhd_find_devices.exe all my devices are printed
on the screen (as they should be) and then the app crashes. I trying to
figure out what is causing the crash.
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