[USRP-users] USRP N210 send and receive strange

何中华 zhonghuahe0608 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 04:25:28 EDT 2013

Dear all,
    I have three new USRP N210 with SBX Board (Rev 5.1) which I just received from ettus. When I use our LTE code to test the new USRP(one USRP to send,and another USRP to receive), I find the code can not run properly, because the frequency offset is too large,up to about 1.5kHz.   However, when I only change the SBX board from new Rev5.1 to Rev5, the code can run correctly, and the frequency offset is about 300~400Hz. 

    So I do not understand why the performance of new sbx sub-board(Rev5.1)  is even worse than the old one. Or is there anyone can tell me whether the result has relationship with uhd drivers?  We use uhd_3.1.2 drivers, but it has previously been very stable and never has such a problem about frequency offset.

   Can anyone help me? 
   Thank you!

Zhonghua He
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