[USRP-users] Boost modules not showing / Error when opening USRP

Josh Blum josh at ettus.com
Wed Sep 4 18:22:03 EDT 2013

> CMake configuring went smoothly but when I compiled there were errors for
> the tests about undefined symbols - obviously the boost unit test framework
> lib was not found. After examining the CMake output I  noticed that
> although FindBoost found the Boost headers and the correct path to all the
> lib files (including unit test framework), no Boost libraries are shown
> after "Boost libraries:". I guess, this is not expected behavior?

Just the print to stdout during cmake configure is blank, correct?

The build will use static linking with boost by default. In this case,
it wont print anything for boost libraries. And there is a define passed
to the build to control boost linking -- through magic MSVC #pragmas

So I think there is nothing to worry about here. :-)

> After disabling the tests, compiling went fine. However, the progress is
> still limited. When executing [1], I get an access violation error reading
> at 0x0 after the make() command. In Debug mode, the program runs on and I
> was even able to transmit some stuff, but it directly terminates in Release
> mode.

Are you mixing a library built for Debug mode with an executable built
for Release mode? Perhaps by accident, like have you built UHD from
source, but there is a uhd.dll installed in the %PATH% from the official
UHD installer? Basically, any sort of mixing means an ABI
incompatibility, and things will bomb out very quickly.


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