[USRP-users] Help: USRP N200 not detected

Robert Watson robertwatsonbath at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 4 04:14:59 EDT 2013

No problem. Not sure whether this is a result of a consicous decision by
Ettus or just an oversight. Perhaps someone from Ettus can comment? Given
it has the safe images loaded it seems a little puzzling that normal images
weren't loaded too.

It's certainly the case that up until the last N200 I bought for a client,
all the USRP N210s we've had would boot out-of-the-box and connect to the
network. With the last N200 I must admit to having an initial 'oh crap, its
dead, where's the JTAG programmer' moment when the LEDs indicated it hadn't
loaded the firmware.


On 4 September 2013 06:04, Mythili Vutukuru <mythili at cse.iitb.ac.in> wrote:

>  Thanks Robert. Booting into safe mode and reflashing fixed the problem.
> Just curious, is this a feature or a bug? The earlier USRPs I have used
> came with working images, and reflashing was needed only when we tried to
> change something. Has this assumption changed?
> Thanks again for your help.
> Mythili
> On Tuesday 03 September 2013 10:26 PM, Robert Watson wrote:
> Hi Mythili,
>  I had a similar sounding problem with a recently acquired N200.
>  It was similarly unresponsive to pings etc, so I booted it into safe
> mode (look here under 'device recovery' for details:
> http://files.ettus.com/uhd_docs/manual/html/usrp2.html). Once booted into
> safe mode it responded to pings and I reflashed the firmware and fpga
> images. After a normal reboot with the newly uploaded images it was fine.
> Hope this helps.
>  Regards,
>  R.
> On 3 September 2013 13:12, Mythili Vutukuru <mythili at cse.iitb.ac.in>wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Our lab has recently acquired some N200 USRPs with SBX daughterboards. I
>> have an Ubuntu desktop with a gigabit ethernet interface. I have connected
>> the N200 + SBX to it via ethernet. I have installed GNURadio + UHD using
>> Marcus Leech's build-gnuradio script. I have configured a static IP of
>> on my machine. When I power my USRP on, all LEDs except LED B
>> flash (expected since LED B is MIMO cable which I am not using), and LED F
>> alone stays on. The ethernet light glows inside the USRP, so I know there
>> are no loose connections on the netwprk side. Now, the problem is that my
>> system does not detect the USRP at all.
>> ----------
>> mythli at mythli:~$ uhd_find_devices
>> linux; GNU C++ version 4.7.2; Boost_104900; UHD_003.005.003-119-ga812d8a3
>> No UHD Devices Found
>> -----------
>> When I open the net burner GUI also, my device does not show up. When I
>> try to ping, I get no reply. In tcpdump, I see that ARP
>> requests from my machine for are going unanswered. Here is my
>> machine:
>> ----------
>> mythli at mythli:~$ uname -a
>> Linux mythli 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:32:08 UTC 2012
>> i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux
>> ----------
>> While I have used USRP1 + RFX2400 before, this is my first time using
>> N200. I have googled extensively on this issue, but I am stuck. I am
>> wondering if I am missing something fundamental in the setup. Any help /
>> tips / pointers are very much appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Mythili
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