[USRP-users] Help: USRP N200 not detected

Mythili Vutukuru mythili at cse.iitb.ac.in
Tue Sep 3 08:12:18 EDT 2013

Hello all,

Our lab has recently acquired some N200 USRPs with SBX daughterboards. I 
have an Ubuntu desktop with a gigabit ethernet interface. I have 
connected the N200 + SBX to it via ethernet. I have installed GNURadio + 
UHD using Marcus Leech's build-gnuradio script. I have configured a 
static IP of on my machine. When I power my USRP on, all 
LEDs except LED B flash (expected since LED B is MIMO cable which I am 
not using), and LED F alone stays on. The ethernet light glows inside 
the USRP, so I know there are no loose connections on the netwprk side. 
Now, the problem is that my system does not detect the USRP at all.

mythli at mythli:~$ uhd_find_devices
linux; GNU C++ version 4.7.2; Boost_104900; UHD_003.005.003-119-ga812d8a3

No UHD Devices Found

When I open the net burner GUI also, my device does not show up. When I 
try to ping, I get no reply. In tcpdump, I see that ARP 
requests from my machine for are going unanswered. Here is 
my machine:

mythli at mythli:~$ uname -a
Linux mythli 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:32:08 UTC 2012 
i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

While I have used USRP1 + RFX2400 before, this is my first time using 
N200. I have googled extensively on this issue, but I am stuck. I am 
wondering if I am missing something fundamental in the setup. Any help / 
tips / pointers are very much appreciated.


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