[USRP-users] CogWave - USRP2 firmware build is not compatible...

Michel Burnand michel.burnand at vtxnet.ch
Fri Feb 22 14:00:37 EST 2013

When I launch CogWave.pro in QtCreator, I get the following error msg:

"expected protocol compatibility number [7 to 11] but got 12, firmware 
build is not compatible"

How do I match the compatibility number to a firmware build version so I 
can load a SD card with the correct build ?

Thanks you in advance for your help.

Michel Burnand   -   HB9DUG   -   hb9dug at vtxnet.ch
Rue de la Dude 22    CH-1267 Vich      Switzerland
Phone +41 22 995 0660
ARALD                                 www.hb9tv.ch

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