[USRP-users] Data format problem USRPn210

Invizible Box myinviziblebox at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 08:07:45 EST 2013

Hello everyone,
I hope you guys are doing great.

I have a problem working with my usrp n210.

I am trying to send a signal from a file to the USRP in order to transmit
it and analyse on my spectrum analyzer (SA).

When I read data from a file written in 'float,' format everything is fine
I see the same spectrum on the SA as in the spectrum scope in my simulink
transmitter model.

Next when I read another file where the data is written in 'int16' format,
I see the expected spectrum on the spectrum scope in my simulink model but
on the SA it shows some signal but thats not what I am sending.

Moreover I have tried with other int16/int32 format files, everytime it
shows me the same spectrum on the SA which is not the correct one but the
result on the spectrum scope in simulink model is correct, which means that
I am reading the files correctly.

Please help. I am completely blocked.

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