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The distance over which you can communicate depends on many factors beyond
the radios themselves.  You need to know the data rate, modulation and
coding system, antennas, terrain, etc.


On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:29 AM, Gonzalo Flores De La Parra <
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> Hi list..
> i'm wondering if any of you know or have measured the distance that a
> usrpn210+WBX or usrpn210+RFX900 can reach? i was thinking about calculating
> it with the Free Space formula, but a real value would be better..
> Besides that i have some doubts about the Noise Figure (NF), how can i
> calculated? i was reading about it and as far as i understand its the ratio
> of SNRin,dB - SNRout,dB.
> Thanks to everyone
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