[USRP-users] Typical distance

Gonzalo Flores De La Parra gonzfloresdelaparra at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 13:29:23 EST 2013

Hi list..
i'm wondering if any of you know or have measured the distance that a
usrpn210+WBX or usrpn210+RFX900 can reach? i was thinking about calculating
it with the Free Space formula, but a real value would be better..
Besides that i have some doubts about the Noise Figure (NF), how can i
calculated? i was reading about it and as far as i understand its the ratio
of SNRin,dB - SNRout,dB.
Thanks to everyone

Ing. Gonzalo Flores De La Parra
Electrónica en Comunicaciones
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
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