[USRP-users] start_of_burst=true missing in timed receive bursts

John Buetefuer john.buetefuer at unisa.edu.au
Sun Feb 17 20:00:38 EST 2013

I'm using timed receive bursts in an application and have noticed that 
start_of_burst is not being set to true in the receive metadata 
(rx_metadata_t) returned in the first recv() call on the stream. 
end_of_burst=true is being set in the last 'packet' of received samples 
- and thus I do have a work-around - ie, the first batch of samples 
received /after/ the end_of_burst=true must be the start_of_burst for 
the next timed receive command. It would be nice if start_of_burst was 
set however

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this, or if it has been fixed 

Using UHD version UHD_003.004.003-1-g64d15538


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