[USRP-users] sync across hosts/programs

Qifanski qifanski at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 20:23:33 EST 2013


I have a configuration like this and want to phase sync all the USRP N210s
1) all USRPs are connected to the clock with 1pps and 20Mhz ref.
2) USRPs are connected to different desktops, programs are running
independently on these desktops.

If I want to create a MIMO node out of these USRPs (phase synced), by my
understanding, I could block all the programs at somewhere and let the
USRPs wait for the 1 pps signal. As long as the time points these USRPs
start to wait for the pps vary within 1 second, they should be synced,

If so, is before
place I should block all the programs and let them wait for a control
signal (through socket maybe) ?

Do I need to sync again before send() and recv()?

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