[USRP-users] 12V to 6V Converter for USRP Supply

Radio User radiogeek381 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 19:07:31 EST 2013

I use my USRP in the field with a deep cycle marine battery.
All the other equipment runs at 12V DC, and until now I've
had to  plug the USRP's wall wart into a small 120V AC inverter.
I've been looking for a DC to DC converter to replace the wall wart,
and found one recently.

Vicor/PICOR makes a switching regulator and an evaluation board
that provides a pretty reasonable 12V to 6V DC to DC converter
that can supply up to 10A to the load.  (see
http://cdn.vicorpower.com/documents/datasheets/Picor/ds_pi33xx.pdf )

The PI3302-00-EVAL1 is available for $50.51 from Digikey, and
may be available elsewhere for less.

The standard configuration of the P13302-00-EVAL1 produces
5V at the output. By putting a 4700 ohm resistor in the RADJ2
position (between the ADJ pin and the SGND pin) the output
changes to 6V.  Regulation appears to be good, and I've been
testing this for about a week.

I added the optional input decoupling (about 80uF) on the
12V line to provide a little more input stability.  The spec for
the device says that it will maintain regulation down to 11V
input at no load, and may work at lower inputs provided
sufficient load on the output.
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