[USRP-users] Changing FPGA Code in USRP N210

Ben Reynwar ben at reynwar.net
Fri Feb 15 10:44:51 EST 2013

I've had a crack at getting an FFT working on the B100 FPGA.  It's not
working yet, but it might still be useful to check out.

The code is at:

I do as much debugging on possible using the Icarus simulator and use
MyHDL to interface with it so I can write my QA code in python.


On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 2:31 AM, Jinu Jayachandran
<jinujayachandran at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am trying to implement an FFT algorithm in USRP N210 R4 FPGA. I would
> like to know if the procedure I am following to build the FPGA image is
> correct. The procedure is as follows
> 1) Downloaded the images from
> http://code.ettus.com/redmine/ettus/projects/uhd/repository
> 2) I have edited the make file in the images folder to make images only for
> N series firmware and N210 FPGA
> 3) Then  I did a 'make images' in the image folder
> 4) It generated a .bin files for firmware and FPGA in /images/images folder
> I am facing the following problems
> 1) The building of the fpga image took around 30 minutes in my machine. So
> whenever I edit the FPGA code I should wait for 30 minutes before I want to
> test if it is working properly. Is this the normal time it takes to build ?.
> Can I reduce the time to build image in some way?
> 2) I would like to know where to put by FFT verilog code for the receiver in
> the FPGA?. From the code review I have done, my understanding is to put the
> code in /usrp2/top/N2x0/u2plus_core.v. And I need to get the sample_rx0
> value and strobe_rx0 values from the ddc_chain block as input to my FFT
> block and give the output to vita_rx_chain. Is my understanding correct ?.
> (I tried to implement a simple code by taking the sample_rx0  from
> ddc_chain, modify it and sent to vita_rx_chain. Then i used the narrowband
> example in the gnuradio to check if there is any change in data. But there
> is no change and sometimes the receiver doesn't receive at all).
> Please help
> Thanks and Regards
> Jinu
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