[USRP-users] USRP Tx interpolation factor

Mike McLernon Mike.McLernon at mathworks.com
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Hi Ciao,


Several points:

1.       The Simulink sample time has no relationship to wall clock time.  It is a simulation artifact.

2.       Having said that, it aids sanity to set the Simulink sample time to be consistent with the USRP D/A or A/D.  Those data converters run at 100 MHz.

3.       If you have a sample time of 1e-6, it corresponds to a sample rate of 1e6.  You would use an interpolation factor of 100 to achieve that consistency between Simulink and the USRP D/A.

4.       The insertion of a Buffer block between your data source and the SDRu Transmitter block will change the Simulink frame time.  This frame time is  (sample time * frame length).  The underlying Simulink sample time is unchanged, but if you turn on sample time colors for the model, it will show the frame time, not the sample time.






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Hello everyone,

I am new to the USRP world. I am working on USRP n210.

I want to implement a transmitter using simulink-matlab. I have I/Q data saved in a file which I read into simulink and I have a sample time of 1e-6 at the ''From Workspace'' block. 

I want to know how we select the interpolation factor in the sdru Tx block and how it effects the input sample time. How will it change if i put a buffer between the sdru tx and my source data.


Thanking in advance,


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