[USRP-users] Echo Cancellation for USRP?

Alex Zhang cingular.alex at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:16:44 EST 2013

Hello Gurus,

My duplex system is using only one frequency but different time slot to let
two USRP exchange data. But from the observed receiving waveforms, I found
that the received signal is very high and causes the jitter if the receiver
keeps receiving its own transmitted signal within its own time slot. This
jitter could impact the subsequent time slot for other transmitter, by a
I want to add something like echo cancellation to remove this side-effect.
Before that I am wondering if any has done the similar thing. Also,  I
don't think the pure software method can solve this problem. Do we have any
hardware support for this transmitting close loop issue?

Best Regards,


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