[USRP-users] gps_locked sensor throwing exception in latest master

Perelman Nathan (Nathan) nperelman at LGSInnovations.com
Wed Feb 6 17:37:19 EST 2013

In experimenting with the latest master and the addition of the
gps_servo sensor, I noticed some anomalies in the gps_locked sensor. In
my application I am asking for it every second or so to provide a status
output. Every so often it will print a warning three times and then
throw an exception similar to:

UHD Warning:

    locked: ValueError: Invalid response "$GPGGA,2113-02-06 5104 108872
189.29 5"70E-12 15 15 6 0x0

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'uhd::value_error'

  what():  ValueError: Timeout after no valid message found


This will usually happen within 10 minutes of the gps locking. In
addition, the gps_locked sensor appears to sometimes return false even
when the gps is locked (from looking at the nmea strings I can see that
it is actually locked). I can usually observe this at least once within
a minute of the gps locking the first time.


All testing was done with a USRP N210 r3 with a Jackson Labs GPSDO


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