[USRP-users] wired issue on usrp receiver side

Chenfei Gao cgao03 at syr.edu
Tue Feb 5 20:45:51 EST 2013

Hi all,

I set up my communication system involving transmitter and receiver by two USRP N200s. Unfortunately receiver cannot correctly decode the signal so when I was tracking the fc32 data coming in I found a wired issue. With transmitter off, I was running receiver only. I found there still were a lot of fc32 messages coming in. Is it because there were still a lot of data stored in the usrp buffer? And then I powered recycle USRP N200 and thought all buffered data should be cleared by that way. But when I reconnected USRP running, same things happened. Does anybody have the similar situation? I am a newbee to USRP and I need help from you.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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