[USRP-users] troubleshooting overflow

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Mon Feb 4 15:20:58 EST 2013


On 04 Feb 2013 14:42, Qifanski wrote: 

> Hi there, 
> I have a
USRP N210 connected to a desktop with gigabit ethernet link, I modified
UHD example script "rx_sample_to_file" so there is no file writing part.

> I can get only a maximum of 5MHz receive sample rate without any
overflow error. How could I improve the sampling rate without getting
overflow? My work might need the USRPs to receive higher than 20MHz. 

> Thanks, 
> Qski

Unless you screwed up on ripping-out the
file-writing part, the only reason I can think of for this is that your
machine just isn't powerful enough to process samples coming of the
ethernet at more than 5Msps. 

What type of machine? 

connection, or via a switch? Is your ethernet connection actually 1GiGe?

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