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A Bose abose at crc.gc.ca
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I am having the exact same problem and  I found this discrepancy:


The latest 

t_handler.hpp has fixed the meta time to include seconds:

info.time = time_spec_t(time_t(info.ifpi.tsi), size_t(info.ifpi.tsf),
_tick_rate); //assumes has_tsi and has_tsf are true


but the 003.005.001 release has the old code bug with no seconds:

info.time = time_spec_t::from_ticks(info.ifpi.tsf, _tick_rate); //assumes
has_tsf is true 


I am running with an old FPGA rev and this fix doesn't work for me, so I am
assuming there is/was something wrong on the FPGA side as well? If so does
anyone know what exactly was fixed (what rev)?


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Thanks Nick for your kick answer.


"We just recently fixed a bug relating to this." 

I know. I am using UHD 003.005.001 (from installer) which contains the patch
according to the repository. May be the installer does not have the patch ?
I will try tomorrow to build from source.


"Can you cut and paste the relevant section of code?"

>From memory (i don't have access to my code right now) :


For the stream command config:


stream_cmd.stream_now = false;

stream_cmd.time_spec = get_time_last_pps()+1;


//Not full sec


For the receiving part:

nbSamp = 0;

timeout = 3;


  num_rx_samps = rx_stream->recv(&buff.front(), buff.size(), md, timeout);
//buff.size() about 100000

  if(nbSamp == 0){

    cout<<fixed<<setprecision(9)<<md.time_spec.get_real_secs()<<endl; //Not
full sec


  timeout = 0.1;





May be i don't use the right method to extract the time from the time spec ?

Since i wrote this from memory it is possible that there is an error in my
actual code and not here...





2013/2/1 Nick Foster <nick at ettus.com>

On 01/31/2013 04:00 PM, Damien Serant wrote:

Hi list, 


Two small issues about 1PPS signal with the GPSDO:

  1) When i run the query_gpsdo_sensors util i obtain : "GPS locked", "10
MHz" locked but always "GPS and UHD Device time are NOT aligned" (I triple
checked the 1PPS connection) 

We just recently fixed a bug relating to this. The PPS functionality is
fine; the query_gpsdo_sensors program wasn't waiting long enough to be sure
the PPS had been latched in. It's checked into master, but I don't think a
release has been cut since then.

  2) I my program the time get from the "get_time_last_pps()" function is
surprisingly never a full second (about 500 ns before or after a full
second). In the same way, when i set the time spec of a receiver stream
with get_time_last_pps() + 1, i never get a full second in the time spec
field of the metadata of the first received packet .

This is a normal behavior and if yes why ?

Can you cut and paste the relevant section of code?



Configuration; win XP, USRP N200 r4 with SBX daughterboard, UHD 351.





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