[USRP-users] Still problems with USRP time from GPSDO

Sivan Toledo stoledo at tau.ac.il
Mon Apr 29 08:10:53 EDT 2013

I think that my previous message was wrong, but I still have problems with
the GPSDO times from the USRP. Here is a printout from a UHD program that
queries the time in 4 different ways:

usrp->get_time_now(): 1367237083:0.517574
usrp->get_time_last_pps():  1367237082:1.000000
metadata time stamp of recent RX samples:   1367237083:0.510384
utime() on Linux:   1367237084:0.517167

As you can see there is a difference of a whole second between the time on
the PC, which is derived from NTP using ntpd and should be accurate to at
least 10ms or so, and the times on the USRP.

The USRP is an N200 with a GPSDO fitted.

We've experienced errors by whole seconds in two different units. Is this a
bug in the firmware or image?

Thanks, Sivan
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