[USRP-users] Questions about the FPGA boot sequences in USRP N210?

Pan zhenhepan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 14:55:38 EDT 2013


I am trying to modifiy the FPGA code of the USRP N210. My question is where
I should store the FPGA configuration file?  I just checked the N210
schematic, and saw that the board just has one 32Mbit flash(M25P32) and one
2K EEPROM(24Lc024). I assume that the FPGA configuration file is stored in
the flash. When the USRP N210 Device is powered on, the FPGA congiuration
file is loaded to FPGA. It this correct?

Howevrer, what I am confused is that I just check the FPGA boot pin
configuration status which is M2M1M0="000", that means when the FPGA is
power on, it should load frome some platform flash. But, actually, there is
no platform flash in the USRP N210 device at all. Is there anyone be kind
enough to explain what the FPGA boot sequence in USRP N210 is? Thank you so


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