[USRP-users] about overflow on laptop

ÀîÔÞ lizan19861219 at yahoo.cn
Mon Apr 22 10:05:39 EDT 2013

Dear list,
Now I met a very strange overflow problem with my new laptop. My code works fine on my old desktop but now I have got a new laptop. I always get overflow when I connect to usrp N210. Even if I just test the benchmark with very low bitrate (250khz, gmsk), I still met overflow. 

I am quite sure it should not be because of the performance of CPU, because the use of CPU is just around 50% (CPU is i7-3520M 2.9ghz*4). I have tried a lot but still can not find out where is the problem. 

The uhd I used is 003.005.000

Anyone has met the same problem? Any suggestions would be appreciate. 

Best regards

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