[USRP-users] data packet with unknown SID [USRP B100]

Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras ralph at schmid.xxx
Mon Apr 22 01:58:17 EDT 2013


I did some tests with gnuradio and USRP1 in a similar VM like yours, and it
did not work very well, lots of strange effects. With the real thing it just
works, means, a Linux (Kubuntu 12.04 in my case) directly installed on a
physical existing machine. 


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> Hello,
> I'm using gnuradio-3.6.4 with a USRP B100 right out of the box. I used the
> `build-gnuradio` to make and install the package on Ubuntu 12.04 in VMWare
> Player.
> Running `uhd_fft` works. However, the second time it's launched I get a
> `UHD Error: Got a data packet with unknown SID 196609` repeating. third
> time uhd_fft launches but I receive no data. The only thing that fixes it
> power cycling.
> Same thing happens when I run my own GRC application with a USRP device.
> I'm having trouble finding anything in the last two years regarding this
> Any thoughts?
> Thank you kindly,
> Joel
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