[USRP-users] N210 capabilities

Jawad Seddar jawad.seddar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 11:20:10 EDT 2013


We have been working with USRP1 devices for some time now and we were
thinking about buying more up to date devices.

We are thinking about the N210 devices but there seems to be only two slots
for daughter boards (versus 4 on the USRP1). We would put one SBX or WBX
card on those slots (dual slot cards).

Currently, with one USRP1 equiped with one RFX900 and one RFX2400 we can
create two transmit channels and send on both channels simultaneously (One
transmission at 900Mhz and one transmission at 2.4GHz).

My question is the following : is it possible to instantiate two transmit
channels (let's say one at 900MHz and one at 2.4Ghz) with one N210 equipped
with one SBX daughter board?

Will it require us to write some specific FPGA code or is it possible with
the stock fpga firmware?

If we can send using 2 transmission channels, would it be possible to
receive on the RX2 port on a different band from the previous 2 (let's say
500MHz for instance)?

Thanks for the help,
Jawad Seddar
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