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I am posting this with the permission of the list owner :

Foreign Guest Researcher Appointment in Cognitive Radio Research with
Software Defined Radios


National Institute of Standards and Technology,

U.S. Department of Commerce

The Emerging and Mobile Network Technologies Group in the Information
Technology Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is seeking bright and
enthusiastic candidates for a one-year foreign guest researcher appointment
to implement cognitive radio protocols for research in dynamic spectrum
access.  This position involves the design, development, and use of
cognitive radio applications on software defined radios.  The incumbent
will develop novel cognitive radio protocols; design, implement, and debug
software defined radio applications that execute these protocols; and
evaluate the performance of these protocols on a test-bed using accepted

A programmable wireless communication test-bed composed of USRP N210s,
Linux servers, and an RF channel emulator will serve as the platform for
application development and testing.  The incumbent will use GNU Radio
and/or other toolkits in conjunction with the USRP.  Candidates should have
experience with digital signal processing and programming in Python, C++,
and MATLAB.  Experience with GNU Radio and FPGA programming is desired.

The incumbent must work well in a team environment and possess a strong
commitment with the ability to deliver high quality software.  Minimum
educational qualifications required for this position are a Bachelor of
Science in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or
equivalent.  Graduate students working toward a Master’s or PhD and
postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to apply.  This appointment will be
made under the Exchange Visitor Program and is for applicants outside the
U.S. who would come to NIST on a J-1 visa.  Email c.v./resume with
references to Dr. Michael Souryal,
souryal at nist.gov<https://messaging.nist.gov/owa/redir.aspx?C=vL-240b7Xkqb564_pYW62kfnULNDDtBIqnKL4qJwKa57gYu-oRkHnwrb1Z6VSw0GdkK22Clzf_E.&URL=mailto%3asouryal%40nist.gov>

The Emerging and Mobile Network Technologies Group at NIST conducts
performance analysis of communication technologies and protocols to
expedite the development and deployment of standards for emerging mobile
networks.  The Group develops performance metrics and modeling
methodologies using commercially available and in-house customized network
modeling, simulation, and testbed tools.  More information on the Group’s
activities can be found at

M. Ranganathan
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