[USRP-users] Seq Error in Burst

Tim Schuschies tim.schuschies at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 11 09:18:52 EDT 2013

Hi All,
I got a problem after I've adapted the VITA protocol header. I added some
fields to that header and now I got the Seq Error in Burst respond if I
want to send something via my USRP N210. Is it possible that expending the
VITA49 header influences the Sequence Number ?
Can I probably log the sequence numbers somehow ?

I tried to use a Xilinx Debugger and chipscope but that seems to be too
slow. Even if I use DSP clock as clock source for triggering. At start of a
transmission the actual Sequence Number is FFFFFFFF. When I start
transmitting something I'm only able to log the last used Sequence number.

If I'm sending without using my added fields in VITA header everything
works fine. The Last Sequence number i'm logging and the next expected
Sequence Number seems to be OK (i.e. 38h and 39h or 8Ch and 8Dh).
But if I use my newly implemented header I got somewhere an error. I think
I know that it occurs in line 125 of VITA TX Deframer (if i comment I don't
get the error).
There the sequence number and the expected sequence number doesn't match. I
don't know why. Does anyone have an idea ?
If I log the sequence numbers I get the same numbers at the end, so I don't
think that that's really a packet loss. What else could probably cause that
error ?

Thanks a lot
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