[USRP-users] Info about GPSDO for N2XX and E100 series signals

mscott at northernradar.com mscott at northernradar.com
Tue Apr 9 09:29:53 EDT 2013

Hi I have some questions about the GPSDO module.

I'm not exactly familiar with GPS timing so please bear with me if some of these questions seem like common sense.

The PPS output signal.  I understand this is a signal that helps the accuracy of the 10 MHz clock.  Could somebody please provide some input about what exactly is going on in the receiver when it receives this signal?  Frequency, etc?

The RS232 signal?  Is this just so that software like gnuradio automatically detects this feature broadcasted through the receiver to the computer?  Or if you set the jumpers correctly and have your 10 MHz signal and PPS signal connected correctly without the RS232 connection.  Will everything run fine?

If anyone would care to answer and needs anymore info or I haven't elaborated enough please do not hesitate to ask me to elaborate.

Thank you,

Mike Scott
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