[USRP-users] No signal on TX/RX port

Jawad Seddar jawad.seddar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 10:53:14 EDT 2013

Hi, I am using only one at any given time.
The issue is that I cannot receive on TX/RX (I am only using TX/RX and for
reception only).

Thanks for the reply anyway.

2013/4/5 Mike Jameson <mikejamo at gmail.com>

> Hi Jawad, I haven't got GRC in front of me but you can only use rx2 or
> tx/rx, not both at the same time. Remember to set the 'antenna' in UHF
> source block to rx2 or tx/rx. Hope that helps, Mike
> On 5 Apr 2013 10:54, "Jawad Seddar" <jawad.seddar at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have 2 USRP1 each equiped with a RFX900 daughter board.
>> I have put antennas on each port of those cards (both RX2 and TX/RX).
>> When I transmit from one USRP using the TX/RX port, I can only receive on
>> the other USRP using the RX2 port, I don't see any signal on the TX/RX port.
>> Simply put, here what happens :
>> USRP #1 TX/RX -> USRP #2 RX2 == OK
>> USRP #1 TX/RX -> USRP #2 TX/RX == Not OK
>> The same happens the other way around (from USRP #2 to USRP #1)
>> I have attached the simple flow graphs I used for testing purposes as
>> well as the results I obtained.
>> Is this a normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?
>> Thanks for the help,
>> Seddar Jawad
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