[USRP-users] High CPU utilization (100%) when streaming twoconcurrent channels regardless of sample rate

Pruitt, Paul N. PAUL.N.PRUITT at saic.com
Thu Apr 4 09:22:46 EDT 2013

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> Josh,
> This patch appeared within a few hours of the moment I upgraded my
> prototype to 2-channels and encountered the same problem.  The patch
> solved the problem immediately for me as well.  Is this is the last
> about it, or are you planning to fix it with condition variables or
> else?


Josh made a branch 

that contains another, condition variable-based, fix:


I attempted a very quick test of that yesterday. My results were
inconclusive, but I am not certain that I properly merged the changes
into our baseline. I plan to re-test when I get some spare time.

Josh: Thanks again for your support and responding so quickly with a

Best regards,

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