[USRP-users] USRP buffering and latencies

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Sun Sep 30 06:26:17 EDT 2012


  I am trying to find out how USRP implements data buffers in the hardware.
I have a few questions regarding this:

 1) Do the USRP and the host (computer) communicate by UDP? Does the UHD
use VITA49 as encapsulation above the UDP layer?

 2) Once the packet (udp) reaches the USRP, where does the USRP store the

           a) Does it have a circular (or a normal) buffer?
           b) What is the size of this buffer?  Can this size be changed?
           c) Does the USRP read from this buffer continuously (at the
sampling rate)? Or does it wait for the buffer to get full?

3) What is the typical latency of a packet (UDP) to reach the USRP
(assuming default settings with almost zero cpu load at the host)?

Thanks in advance,
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