[USRP-users] E100 uhd.git build

Antonio Mancina amancina at mbigroup.it
Thu Sep 27 08:24:22 EDT 2012

Hi Ben,

On 09/26/2012 04:48 PM, Ben Hilburn wrote:
> In short, no, there are not any docs that specifically link things like
> that error message to needing to update your system.

I see.

> Notes on running 'opkg update / upgrade' are in the 'welcome' note in
> the root home directory of the e1xx, and noted on the wiki. There are
> not 'docs' or 'announcements' anytime a package gets updated, though.
> It's more an expectation that users will update their e1xx systems the
> same way they update their other Linux machines.

It perfectly makes sense to me.

The only point I'd make here is that it could be useful to have a
troubleshooting section with the most common errors given back by
uhd_usrp_probe command.

Something like:

"Expected protocol compatibility x, but got y" --> update FPGA images
to the correct version

"Expected module version z, got y" --> update kernel modules (i.e.
opkg update/upgrade should fix that).

It's just a rough idea, it might save the list from some noisy traffic
(like mine ;-) ) in the future.

> I'm glad your issue is sorted out, and please let us know if you have
> any more issues =)

Yes, everything works properly, now.

Thanks again,

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