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Tim Schuschies tim.schuschies at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 27 07:43:36 EDT 2012

Thanks Ian and Josh,
I wrote a simple wrapper, but it doesn't help. I also added another output
signal and connected it with the vita_tx_chain (I added an input). So
I definitively have a connected output and the input are connected too. My
module stays unconnected. I will add the whole source code in the
following. It would be great if someone could take a look at it. I don't
see an error in the code, that could cause my problem. I don't understand
the compiler... :/

My module:
entity carrier_sense is
 Generic( THRESHOLD : integer := 32768);
 Port ( sample_in : in  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (31 downto 0);
        clk : in  STD_LOGIC;
        strobe : in STD_LOGIC;
        rst : in  STD_LOGIC;
        busy : out  STD_LOGIC;
settings : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0);
status_o : out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0);
rssi_o : out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0));

end carrier_sense;

architecture CarrierSense of carrier_sense is
signal rssi : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0);
signal avg : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0);
signal status : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0);
busy <= '1';
rssi <= complex_abs(sample_in(31 downto 16),sample_in(15 downto 0));
 average : process(strobe,rst)
variable count,value : integer := 0;
 if rst = '1' then
count := 0;
value := 0;
 elsif rising_edge(strobe) then
if count < 16 then
count := count + 1;
value := value + to_integer(unsigned(rssi));
value := value / 16;
avg <= std_logic_vector(to_unsigned(value,16));
if to_integer(unsigned(avg)) < THRESHOLD then
status(0) <= '1';
status(0) <= '0';
end if;
count := 0;
end if;
 end if;
end process;
 busy <= status(0);
status_o(15 downto 0) <= status;
rssi_o(15 downto 0) <= rssi;

end CarrierSense;

The wrapper:
entity carrier_wb_top is
    Port ( sample_in : in  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (31 downto 0);
           clk : in  STD_LOGIC;
           rst : in  STD_LOGIC;
           strobe : in  STD_LOGIC;
           busy : out  STD_LOGIC;
           settings : in  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (31 downto 0);
           rssi_o : out  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (31 downto 0);
           status_o : out  STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (31 downto 0));
end carrier_wb_top;

architecture cs of carrier_wb_top is

component carrier_sense is
sample_in : in std_logic_vector(31 downto 0);
clk : in std_logic;
strobe : in std_logic;
rst : in std_logic;
busy : out std_logic;
settings : in std_logic_vector(31 downto 0);
status_o : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0);
rssi_o : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0));
end component;


carrier_sense0 : carrier_sense port map(
sample_in => sample_in,
clk => clk,
strobe => strobe,
   rst => rst,
   busy => busy,
settings => settings,
status_o => status_o,
rssi_o => rssi_o

end cs;

And the port map of u2_core:
wire[31:0] cs_settings,cs_rssi,cs_status;
wire cs_busy;
carrier_wb_top carrier_sense0

Thank you for your time.

2012/9/26 Ian Buckley <ianb at ionconcepts.com>

> Tim,
> As an additional note…clearly the setting_reg's are not VHDL since they
> are instantiations of existing Verilog code…they are pruned because they
> have no connected outputs, having connected inputs will not stop pruning.
> In the case of sr_cs_rssi_reg and sr_cs_settings_reg this will always
> occur even after you solve the pruning of the carrier_sense module.
> In addition, a different but related issue you haven't noticed yet…setting
> reg's are Write-Only, you can not use them to read values as part of the
> memory map…to do this you have two choices, the wb_readback_mux or
> implementing a full wishbone interface on your carrier_sense module.
> -Ian
> On Sep 26, 2012, at 10:50 AM, Josh Blum <josh at ettus.com> wrote:
> I don't understand why the compiler says the carrier_sense module would be
> unconnected. That the registers are not connected is clear, because they
> are connected only to my module, which is removed. I didn't change anything
> in the u2_core after I compiled the first time (when it worked). I only
> changed the behavior description inside my carrier sense module. Undoing
> the changes don't help. The module stays unconnected and I don't know why.
> Can anyone help me ?
> I implemented the carrier_sense module with VHDL, because I'm a much more
> familiar with it. I don't think that this could be a problem, could it?
> I would guess its just a simple error in the code. If it helps though,
> we use the ZPU core which is actually vhdl. I had to make this wrapper
> block which makes sure to use std_logic only for the IOs:
> http://code.ettus.com/redmine/ettus/projects/uhd/repository/revisions/master/entry/fpga/usrp2/opencores/zpu/zpu_wb_top.vhd
> -josh
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