[USRP-users] UHD cpp code design patterns

Rothe Jörg joerg.rothe at bsse.ethz.ch
Wed Sep 26 10:08:43 EDT 2012

Dear UHD developers,
for a project involving data transmission from an FPGA over USB (fx2), I looked at your code trying to understand, use and learn from it (I used all the libusb encapsulation).

Could you please point me to some information or tutorials to understand the use and advantage of the factory functions (make), the abstract classes and their implementations?

I can understand its usage when you want to specify the child-class/implementation at runtime (device class and usrp1/usrp2). But why is it used for usrp1_iface (usrp1_iface::make, usrp1_iface_impl)?

Thank you for your time and the great work you are doing.

Best regards,

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