[USRP-users] Transfer function Basic TX board ?

Per Zetterberg perz at kth.se
Wed Sep 19 09:42:02 EDT 2012


We are looking at the Basic TX with USRP N210. When we generate a sinusoid the amplitude is -22.72dBm at 250kHz, -12.78dBm at 1MHZ and -8.63dBm@ 10MHz (the amplitude was 16000 in digital base-band ( unsigned short), UHD driver and a small program). This is perfectly fine with regards to the specification of the Basic TX board.

We then removed the components on the board and measured directly on the DAC output. The characteristic was still the same. We had suspected the transformer created the high-pass characteristic.

Could somebody please explain why we get this result? Is there some high-pass filtering going on on the FPGA?


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