[USRP-users] USRP stop sending samples, until the application is restarted

Bastien Auneau ba at verisat.no
Tue Sep 18 11:37:29 EDT 2012

Hi All

I am using USRP to send data. I send pre-computed I&Q samples, using the 
I am sending very little data, it fills up around 1% of the gigabit 
it's UHD 3.4.2 64bit msvc 9.0 boot 1.48
The USRP is pretty stable and I have good timing accuracy (using GPSDO)
The problem is when I do long run, there is always a point when USRP 
stop sending data. I use
uhd::device_addr_t* simple_addr =  new uhd::device_addr_t();
         this->usrp = uhd::usrp::multi_usrp::make(*simple_addr);
     }catch (...){}

Then later :
int sampleSent = this->usrp->get_device()->send(...)
//log if error
And I check that sampleSent is as expected

After some hours running, I will see in the log file :
Error sending data : 123/12345

Then all subsequent send will log
Error sending data : 0/12345

I also have another thread polling the USRP time every 10 sec to avoid 
the software using UHD to drift from USRP
What do you suggest ? Should I use the new streamer interface instead ? 
Another UHD version ?

Best Regards

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