[USRP-users] Message source, UHD sink transmit problem

Rob Rhinehart robertrhinehart at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 17:33:55 EDT 2012

I'm using a gr.message_source block to send packets to a uhd usrp sink.

My test setup is essentially:

msgq = gr.msg_queue()
msg_src = gr.message_source(1, msgq)

while True:
   payload = "something"
   msg = gr.message_from_string(payload)

I was worried about using an infinite loop but it seems to work fine for

I know the messages are properly removed from the queue and modulated (as
self.msgq.count() returns 0) but the USRP doesn't actually transmit them
until I kill the flow graph. How can I ensure the USRP transmits the data
as it's removed from the message queue?

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